Fiat grande punto t

The Fiat Punto is a supermini car produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat from tospanning over three generations. The third generation of the car was marketed as the Grande Puntobetween andand the Punto Evobetween andwhen the bare Punto name was reintroduced.

The first generation Punto was made 3, million units, the second generation 2,96 million units, and the third generation 2,67 million units. Internally codenamed Projectthe Punto was announced in Septemberas a replacement for the aging Fiat Unoand launched at the end of or the beginning ofdepending on the market.

The Punto was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and was available as a three-door or five-door hatchback, a two-door cabriolet and a three-door panel van. Entry level in the Punto range were the 1. The 1. A Sporting model was also available with a 1. A cabriolet convertible version was also available; built by Bertone rather than at the main Fiat factoryit featured an electric-powered fully retracting roof and was one of the cheapest open-top cars in the world at the time.

In Europe, it was also made with a manual roof. Approximately 55, cars were built between April and Junealthough the last cars were registered in Particular versions of the first generation Punto were the Punto 6Speed, a 1. The styling was all-new while retaining the original Punto's distinctive shape and design, while the chassis and interior were completely overhauled, with a new torsion beam rear suspension.

Fiat Grande Punto T-Jet Flames #PuntoEnthusiasts

The new Punto also became the first Fiat in decades to carry the original round Fiat badge, to celebrate Fiat's centenary. At the launch event of the hatchback, the Fiat Wish concept car was also presented, which was hardtop convertible version of the Fiat Punto, very similar in styling with the Peugeot CC.

Two sporty versions were offered. It was considered a big improvement in handling over the Punto GT. The HGT was also available in limited numbers as an "HGT Abarth " which added deeper bumpers, rear spoiler, side skirts, new alloy wheels, and interior trim.

The second generation Punto has also adopted the Dualdrive electric power steering and came with two operation modes, using an electric motorrather than a hydraulic pump driven by the engine.

Fiat Grande Punto T-Jet 120 Cv

This resulted in reduced fuel consumption and less environmental impact. It has a fuel economy of 5.As soon as Fiat unveiled its Grande Punto inevery rival looked a bit dull. Arguably the most stylish supermini of the decade, it proved a hit with Brits wanting a handsome small car at a bargain price.

Despite this, the hatch can be a reasonable second-hand buy if you do your homework. The Grande Punto arrived in Januarywith 1. In July a refresh brought a revised grille and an updated interior with extra kit, plus GP trim was replaced by Active Sport. The Abarth Punto hit the road in February with a bhp turbocharged 1. This was boosted to bhp in Marchwhile the Supersport of had bhp.

Aim for at least an eight-valve 1. The valve 1. The 1. Entry-level models badged Active have a multifunction steering wheel, heated door mirrors, electric front windows and remote central locking; Dynamic trim adds air-con and split-folding rear seats.

fiat grande punto t

GP-spec Puntos feature inch alloys and racier trim, while the Sporting has inch wheels, cruise control and sports seats. If you want genuine fun behind the wheel, the Ford Fiesta is for you. It was developed alongside the Fiat and shares some of its components.

Other cheap superminis include the Renault Clio and Peugeotwhile a more premium option is the Volkswagen Polo. A faulty tailgate latch is usually caused by the rear washer pipe coming adrift and soaking the lock mechanism. Be wary if the heater matrix leaks because replacing it means removing and refitting the dash; an expensive and time-consuming job.

Given the age of its fundamental design, it should be no surprise that the Punto feels dated inside, too. Only top-spec cars have three rear head restraints; others get just two. Diesels need check-ups every two years or 21, miles. The Punto was recalled a dozen times between and All but two were issued in the first five years. Campaigns included the possibility of braking and steering power assistance failure, loss of steering, total brake failure, electrical short circuits and fuel leaks.

Other actions covered defective airbags, faulty seatbelt pre-tensioners, potential fires and handbrake failure. The Punto finished in 81st place in our Driver Power used car survey. The low running costs and safety features were relative highlights, while comfort generated a decent enough score in our poll. In all other areas, unfortunately, the Punto was criticised by owners. New Skoda Octavia vRS: prices announced for petrol model.

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Fiat Grande Punto T-Jet Sporting (aka the 1.4 turbo)

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Luogo Sant'Egidio del Monte Albino. Luogo Nola.The supermini that's fun, convenient, eco-friendly and simple. Your favourite music is under your thumb, thanks to the Fiat Punto steering wheel controls.

So you can change tracks with a single touch. A minimalist and modern dashboard with a soft-touch, Stone-textured finish. Stylish wrap-around seats made with sophisticated high-tech materials such as the Electro-welded Rib-Mesh fabric. Even the details are stylish: the steering wheel and shift knob on the Fiat Punto are also available in leather. The Punto is the city car that knows your needs: that's why the cabin has numerous storage compartments to store everything you want to take with you.

A small car that's big on technology: that's why the Lounge trim gives you automatic dual-zone climate control, which enables you and your passengers to adjust the temperature in the front and rear respectively. That way everyone travels in comfort. Comfort and beauty make the perfect combination: that's why the Punto interior is welcoming as well as spacious and comfortable.

Fiat Punto is the compact car created to give you the beauty you seek. Burnished headlights and adaptive fog lights so functionality is also stylish. From the chrome-plated double exhaust tailpipe to the door mirror covers, the Punto gives you plenty of scope for customisation with Mopar accessories.

Dynamic, essential and timeless: the Punto's simple and strong character is demonstrated by the clean front end, with vents incorporated into a single trapezoidal profile. The design of the Punto is essential and modern. Just like you. Emphasise the uniqueness of your Punto with the Style Pack: embellish it with fine, essential details so it stands out.

Fiat Grande Punto

Choose ultimate comfort and make your everyday journeys even more practical. With the Comfort Pack, you and your passengers can count on more enjoyable and relaxing journeys.

Don't miss out on maximum safety. The Safety Pack includes contents designed to make the cabin of your Punto even safer. Make your new Punto more high-tech with the Tech Pack.

Fiat Grande Punto

Get in synch with your driving style and have fun on unforgettable journeys. With the Versatility Pack, your driving position becomes completely customisable and you no longer have to worry about bulky loads. Choose your market. Design and exterior.Click on the buttons below to read more about the typical problems that fall outside the scope of routine maintenance.

The right-hand drivepetrol cars manufactured before March come with a windscreen drain pipe designed in a way that allows the water from the windscreen to get to the alternator. The driver may be in for a surprise when starting the car in the morning. With the alternator stuck, the starting engine will drag the belt around the pulley making a horrible screeching noise and burning the rubber belt black smoke may enter the cabin.

Luckily, the fix is simple — the drain pipe was updated in February service news number Frozen alternators RHD cars. Some Fiat Grande Punto models are fitted with the infamous M32 gearbox. When this bearing starts wearing out, the gearbox becomes noisy when driving in 6th and 5th gear. Follow the link above to learn more about the symptoms of bearing failure, the solution to the problem and how much it costs to fix a dying M32 gearbox. The M32 or the M20 gearboxes are used in the following Grande Punto models:.

Abarth 1. The robot does the gear shifting for you, you lazy bastard. Let me very briefly explain the basics of this transmission. The Dualogic robot is a complex hydraulic device, made up of solenoid valves, sensors and actuators. It is powered by a little hydraulic pump, and it has its own hydraulic fluid circuit.

The oil is pressurized by the pump and then stored in a hydraulic accumulator. The accumulator has a rubber diaphragm inside and compressed nitrogen gas behind the diaphragm. Therefore, there is compressed gas on one side of the diaphragm and hydraulic fluid on the other. This stored energy is then used to do the mechanical work — changing gears and operating the clutch, which is what the actuators do.

Because there is no torque converter, the Dualogic can be as efficient as a manual gearbox. My recommendation is to avoid Dualogic transmissions when buying a used car.

However, if you are still determined to buy one, here are the symptoms of malfunction:. When the Dualogic transmission stops working, the first thing to check is the accumulator.

Over time, the membrane inside can rupture and the accumulator will stop storing pressure. Because it could take a decade, the odds are that the membrane will fail before the gas disappears from the sphere. The 1.Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Prev of 3 2 3 Next. Lil' Joe Original Poster 1, posts months. So, owners, how does it drive?

fiat grande punto t

Is it fast and easy to live woth? I have a feeling for not much outlay one could spank that little turbo Punto up to bhp pretty easily, its around bhp already with similar torque, maybe a touch more I believe whereas a 1.

The TDCi could be remapped for a load more torque I expect but other than a bigger turbo I'm still left with a diesel and it's short power band. Out of interest, which cc Focus is the better drive, the petrol or the diesel? I have to say if I get good feedback on it here I am leaning towards the Punto. If it's big enough Thoughts guys?

My old boss at nissan had the range to choose from. He coulda had a z, coulda had a Murano, coulda had a GT-R if he wanted. He went to the Fiat site and bought a Punto 1. Shame he never let me play, so I cant give any real input.

But he liked it. He also fired me so i hope he crashed it! Vindictive much? I love pcket rockets me, Uno turbo was my first love. A dtorque steering loony i astraight line, just so fast until a corner arrivedThe Fiat Grande Punto is a supermini car produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat from to It is the third generation in the series of the Fiat Puntoand was announced in Augustand launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Inthe Grande Punto became an entry level model sold alongside the facelifted, higher spec Punto Evo. Inboth were replaced by a revised model, called simply Puntothus resurrecting the model name of its predecessor. The third generation Fiat to bear the name Punto, codenamed Projectthe Grande Punto was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show and went on sale later that year.

Whilst the model shares some of its name with the previous Punto, a large number of its components are new, including a new chassis and body shell. The engines are the Fiat 1. Four MultiJet diesel engines are also available: two 1. The 1. All the engines are Euro IV compliant. Ina new 1.

It was branded as an Abarth rather than Fiat. Inthe Punto was discontinued in Australia, due to slow sales. The car was reintroduced in after Fiat began factory distribution in Australia, the car was repriced at a much lower price, that was more in keeping with its rivals. In Septemberthe Punto was once again pulled from the Australian market due to slow sales.

It was launched in Mexico in November Initially it was sold with the 1. In Decemberthe 1. The Italian made Grande Punto has already been launched in Chile and the Dominican Republic in petrol and diesel versions. The Grande Punto also went on sale in South Africa inreplacing the previous generation.

Levels of safety were not maintained airbags and ABS are optional on lower trim levels, and the highest one has only two airbags as standardbut the ride comfort is said to be the same. The five door version is the only one available in the Brazilian line, and there are no plans for a two-door version in Brazil, two door vehicles are only accepted for cheaper cars.

For the model ofthere were added the new E. TorQ engines 1. Produced by Fiat Powertrain Technologiesthey were based on the discontinued Tritec engines. A related sedan car, the Fiat Lineawas launched in the beginning of to replace the ageing Fiat Marea. The Grande Punto was awarded with five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test for passenger protection, and three stars certification for pedestrian safety.

fiat grande punto t

Athe Abarth Grande Punto differs significantly from its donor car. It has two new engines, a 1. The Abarth Punto Evo was discontinued inafter slow sales. Fiat introduced the Punto in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show[22] as a facelifted version of the Punto Evo that re introduced the Punto nomenclature without Grande or Evo. Since when the production of three door version was cancelled only five door version was available in Europe. The Punto was available with two new engines: the 0. The new engines did not replace the previous engines 1.

The Punto had updated front and rear bumper clips along with new alloy wheels. Fiat India gave the Punto Evo an extensive facelift in August The facelift consisted of large, swept back headlamps, a new grille and chrome inserts, whilst the rear of the car received LED taillamps from its European twin, and the dashboard from the European car.

Indian Abarth Punto come with a 1. Transmission is a five speed manual.


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