Colorado unit 40 elk landowner tag

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Colorado Unit 40

Colorado Unit Thread starter Ron B Start date Feb 13, Ron B New member. Joined Feb 10, Messages 6. Myself and a friend have 7pp's for Elk. We're looking to archery hunt this fall, DIY. Any legal bull would be ok with us, just looking for an area that may give us an oportunity. Anyone that has hunted this unit in the past would like to talk to you.

Thanks all. Anything in CO. Mudranger1 Well-known member. Desert Sheep Active member. Joined Apr 3, Messages Location Montana. Lots of private land in the unit. A friend hunted it during muzzleloader a couple of years ago. Shoot me an email at desertsheep00 hotmail. Pagosa Well-known member.I have a unit 40 buck tag and am planning on hunting in the draws between west creek and Gateway and along the Dolores river.

My question is, if that area is unproductive or there is too many hunters, is there a good parcel of public ground on Glade Park? I have never hunted up there as my family has hunted Gateway for as long as I can remember.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Bowhunter, I have some advice and help for you; I have hunted area 40 many times ; That is when I draw. Just go up the Monument to the Glade park storeturn south and proceed aprox, 8 MilesYou will hit Gravel Road, Continue up till you Pass the Mud Springs Camp ground, There will be a Fork in the road, stay to the right ,Aprox a mile from that intersection you will approach a Kind of overlookand camping to the right ; All the land below the overlook, and the pond is aland swap and legal to hunt, also if you keep going till you see the Cottonwood Resivior SCamp Groung it is all good HuntingGet your Map out and find Little Dominguez Canyon; Great Hunting, The Turkey Trail will take you from the west side to the East Side ResiviorsIf you stay going south uphill You will get to the top and it is private from there on over, Don't Bother going past that point.

Basically there is no way to get fouled up as long as you hunt north From the trailDown hill It is a great big Bowlhere is a mix of Black timber, Aspen trees, You are surounded by the cottonwood resiviors, alot of nice draws, running water. I must say ; Take my adviceIf it snows and or is raining, do not try to drive up to Cottonwood! This road will trap you and your vehiclemost tow trucks cannot get up it to retrieve you.

AnywayAll this area has been very productive for my family. As you see in the photo Galleriethe Mule eer i posted was just one from last year, came from there. Hope this helpsGet the map out and study itit is worth the hunt!

Landowner Hunting Tags Explained

Good Luck! Anyway ; Can't tell you the honey holebut a challenge is worth it!!!!! That is a promise ; If you have any of the aboveand have any health left to travel and dressed and prepaired for it.

Lots of the slopes and draws are easly acceptable and well coveredso with thatIt is fine i will keep hunting with ever draw i get. I always choose 40 for my first choiceregardless of the season i decide to hunt and that is where i GO!!! Fed my familynever a problem. A little work but they deffinatly hang out til the last min of survival! Thanks Krabman,I am somewhat familiar with the area you mentioned and I wouldn"t dream of asking for the location of a honeyhole.

I"m glad to know that there is some good animals up there. I probably will stay around Gateway but a backup plan is good to have.With over acres of private land, Bar Star Ranch can offer the avid hunter an unforgettable experience. Hunters enjoy a diverse landscape with aspen covered mountains, granite outcrops, brush and ponderosa pines, flat rolling meadows, and small easy to hunt ridges and draws as well as numerous secluded springs that attract a variety of wildlife.

The Colorado Hunting Ranch is located in Park County, which is a coveted hunting area due it location within the seasonal elk migration pathway. The vast acreage of the Ranch allows hunters to move with the game, access low pressure areas and give areas rest to keep the game on the property. Most of the hunting is done by spot and stalk or ground blinds. Elevations range from 9, to 11, feet. Unless you have purchased a voucher through Bar Star for that specific season we do not allow hunting access.

For hunters who have drawn tags in GMU 50, we offer trespass fees if we do not have any landowner voucher customers for that season. We have partnered with Eastern Plains Outfitters to provide guiding services to our hunting guests. Eastern Plains Outfitters has a true passion of helping guests achieve the opportunity of taking a great Colorado elk, mule deer, or antelope. Please click HERE for more information about their hunts. Please click HERE for a list of lodging options in the area.

With prior arrangements we will allow camping on our Ranch. Hello Sportsmen, the Bar Star Landowner Hunting Vouchers are sold out, but it you would like first access to our vouchers p lease contact us at info barstarranch. Typically the State mails out vouchers by the end of June.

Thanks and happy hunting! Private Ranch Hunting With over acres of private land, Bar Star Ranch can offer the avid hunter an unforgettable experience. Contact Us for More Info. This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thanks.Landowner tags for elk are available in most western states. HuntersDomain has more elk tags than any other company in the industry. Jimmy Horton owner has 13 years experience in the landowner tag business.

High alpine to low-level sagebrush. Great variety of topography. Low hunter numbers help ensure success and a chance at a true trophy. Consitently harvesting some " bucks. Colorado unit 49 deer landowner tags, allows above timberline hunting to the lower foothills. Bucks up to " with a " average. HuntersDomain can provide tags in most of the better Mule deer units and areas in the state of Colorado in addition to elk landowner tags for New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Colorado.

There are always a ton of choices when seeking a once in a lifetime hunt and our reputation is stellar. References can be provided to anyone that needs to hear just how we conduct business with others. We are not perfect but attempt to put hunters in the same places we would desire to hunt.

HuntersDomain has helped big game hunters fill their tags on many occasions. Colorado Elk Landowner tags: Colorado unit 2 elk landowner tags in the best trophy hunting area of the state. Quebec Canada Black Bear Hunting 2.By Mallory Boyce. When purchasing a big game hunting property in the West, the availability of landowner tags can be an important factor. Landowner programs were established to acknowledge the contribution of private lands to support wildlife and provide a form of compensation to landowners for resources used by wildlife.

Permits or tags are typically available to landowners, family members and others designated by the landowner based on the acreage owned.

Landowners who are absentee owners can greatly benefit from these tags especially when a property is in a game management area that is hard to draw permits. Different states have varied landowner programs that include what qualifies a landowner, property qualifications, acreage requirements, species requirements and other factors.

It is also important to remember that there are land registration requirements and application deadlines that apply to landowners. Landowners must comply with all state laws and requirements to be successful in acquiring tags. Some states provide a Landowner Preference Program that allows landowners to build preference points to increase the odds in drawing a tag.

For example, a Colorado deeded landowner who registers with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, may be eligible for landowner tags if the property is used primarily for agricultural purposes, is inhabited by the species applied for, and they own a contiguous parcel of at least acres.

In addition, based on the number of deeded acres registered, the landowner may be eligible for multiple tags. Colorado also has a voucher system that allows a landowner to transfer a tag to a third party.

In Utah, landowner tags are transferable, however landowners must own at least acres to be eligible. In Wyoming and Montana, landowner tags are not transferable. Wyoming requires that the deeded owner of acres or more be an individual, partnership, corporation or trust or have the property under written contract to apply.

Spouses, parents, grandparents or lineal descendent can use the tags in Wyoming. Montana operates on a landowner preference and sponsor program and requires acres for deer and acres for elk tags. A registered resident landowner deer combination license can be applied for when a landowner is granting access to hunting on the property to a nonresident hunter.

To qualify as a nonresident landowner, a person must own property in fee simple ownership with their name on the deed. Property held in a trust, LLC, partnership, or other legal entity is owned by that legal entity. Permits on properties owned by a legal entity are available only to tenants who either farm at least 80 acres, or manage an 80 acre or larger farm that produces an agricultural commodity such as crops or cattle.

These tags are not transferable. In Nebraska, owning or leasing 80 acres or more of land for the purpose of agricultural production by the owner or leaseholder may receive a limited landowner permit for antelope and deer.

Maximum number of landowner permits allowed for one farm or ranch is determined by the size of the property in acres divided by Owning acres or more of land dedicated to agricultural production may receive a limited landowner permit for deer.

Only one permit will be issued per acres.I was just about to write about it. This will affect the draw and your ability to hunt in the future. Because there are more knowledgable people out there, you can read more information here:. In these you will be able to contact state representatives and committee members to share your opinion of the tag allocation.

For the "John Doe" public land hunter, it is important that your voice is heard.

colorado unit 40 elk landowner tag

I usually never post anything, but this is an issue that I feel does not represent the everyday, average hunter- like me. It presents a conflict of interest. I simply want to maintain my waiting process for my tag, rather than wait a few more years while landowners offer these tags to those who have the most money. It done!

colorado unit 40 elk landowner tag

Thanks for the info guys. It's a real shame the direction this could be headed, hunting as an activity only the very wealthy can enjoy.

Pay your 7, get your bull play pool and watch the game on the bigscreen in the evening with a drink after a hot shower. I know my hunts have never been like that and more importantly wouldn't want em to be. Guys, there are two sides to this coin.

Trophy Class Outfitters

About Ranchers and Farmers--like me--provide nearly all of the wildlife habitat in eastern Colorado. Landowner vouchers aren't easy to draw either. We have the same sort of point-creep in that system as in the general license draw. I agree that the current system isn't perfectand probably never will bebut if you disenfranchise the landowners from a preference in the draw, the results will be pretty predictable.

Speaking strictly for myself, I have never denied access to anyone who appeared responsible and asked permission to hunt. However, if I can't hunt on my own place, then it is highly unlikely that anyone else will be able to eitherand in that sentiment I am not alone. I understand that you are frustrated. It would be lousy not to be able to hunt your own land. But, you are also allowed to participate in the regular draw as well- so you are entitled to more tags than any of us.

For the regular, public land hunter, it will have a profound effect on deer state wideand the other wildife in limited units. Do you hunt elk or deer in the West?DIY Blog. Map Server.

colorado unit 40 elk landowner tag

If you're looking for more information, upgrade to 'Premium' to get even more data, graphs, charts and info on this unit! Switch State. Google Earth Data. About Us. Find a Dealer. Colorado Wyoming. Colorado Elk Unit Some map features are for Premium Users Only.

Unit Profile.

colorado unit 40 elk landowner tag

Click Variables for More Info. Public Land. Aug 25 - Sep 23, The Tag. More Info. PP Fee. Other Fees. Aug 25 - Sep 23, 40 Landowner permission is advisable before applying. Most land is private. Private - 5th Rifle - Co w. Sep 1 - Nov 30,


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