Renowned American film critic and professor Emanuel Levy described as "a banner year for actors, particularly men. It was a year in which we saw the entire spectrum of demographics displayed on the big screen, from vet actors such as Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freemanto seniors such as PacinoDe Niroand Hoffmanto newcomers such as Topher Grace. In terms of film genres, Levy stated, "The year's most prominent genre was the biopicture, a genre that in the past has suffered from lack of prestige and abundance of clichs.

Celebrating entrepreneurs, playwrights, singers, sex researchers, composers, and politicians, they continued to show one alarming bias: They were all about men. You don't have to be a feminist critic or a sociologist to deduct that, as far as real or reel heroes are concerned, women matter less in Hollywood and American society at large.

Can't anyone come up with a strong part for a femme-driven bio a la British film Vera Drakewithout relegating women to showbiz personae. The top 10 films released in by worldwide gross are as follows: [2]. Shrek 2 set a new record for total gross by an animated film making it the highest-grossing animated film of all time. The record was later surpassed by Toy Story 3 in The Passion of the Christdirected by Mel Gibsonbecame the first blockbuster motion picture of and also the highest grossing R-rated film domestically.

Meet the Fockers beat 's Bruce Almighty record for the highest-grossing comedy film; both released by Universal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Overview of the events of in film. In home video In television Flying Down to Rio Gold Diggers of Wild Strawberries Cries and Whispers.

The Longest Day Plenty. The Paper Swimming to Cambodia. Robin and the 7 Hoods None but the Brave.

UEFA Euro 2004

Reversal of Fortune The Boys from Brazil. Super Fly Red Dawn. Funny Girl Steel Magnolias. City Slickers Good Morning, Vietnam. Mulholland Drive On the Town. The Muppet Movie Earthquake. Easy Living Love Nest. Unchained Zero Hour! Analyze This Bullets over Broadway. Scarface Carlito's Way. The Abyss Days of Thunder. Breakfast at Tiffany's Terms of Endearment. Lenny Mermaids. Serpico You've Got Mail. Ben-Hur The Pink Panther. The Exorcist All the King's Men.Find information on known issues and the status of the rollout for Windows 10, version and Windows Server, version Looking for a specific issue?

The Windows release health dashboard is always evolving. Take our short survey and let us know how we can improve. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. Windows 10, version and Windows Server, version Find information on known issues and the status of the rollout for Windows 10, version and Windows Server, version We are continuing our phased approach on initial availability, as we listen, learn, and adjust.

Today we are slowly beginning the training of our machine learning ML based process used to intelligently select and automatically update devices approaching end of service.

The recommended servicing status is Semi-Annual Channel. This table offers a summary of current active issues and those issues that have been resolved in the last 30 days.

The machine must now be restarted. Next steps: We are working on a resolution and estimate a solution will be available in July. After installing KBcertain printers may be unable to print. Print spooler may error or close unexpectedly when attempting to print and no output will come from affected printer. You might also encounter issues with the apps you are attempting to print from.

You might receive an error from the app or the app may close unexpectedly. Note This issue might also affect software-based printers, for example printing to PDF. Resolution: This issue was resolved in the out-of-band update KB It is a cumulative update, so you do not need to apply any previous update before installing it.

We have received reports that some users are unable to open apps after installing KBespecially Microsoft Office apps. Resolution: This issue has been resolved by Avast. This issue only affected devices with certain versions of Avast or AVG applications and was addressed with an update to their respective products. For more information on this, please see Avast's forum post here. Note No update is needed for Windows or Microsoft Office to address this issue. Affected devices will have more than one Always On, Always Connected capable network adapter, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, and might receive errors or unexpected shutdown or restart.

To safeguard your update experience, we have applied a compatibility hold on Windows 10 devices with affected drivers or firmware from being offered Windows 10, version Please note, if there are no other safeguards that affect your device, it can take up to 48 hours before the update to Windows 10, version is offered.

This can occur even when it has been repaired. Workaround: If you receive reports that there is still corruption, subsequent scans should indicate the true state of the corruption. Resolution: This issue was resolved in KB An incompatibility issue was found with some apps and games using GameInput Redistributable and Windows 10, version the Windows 10 May Update.

Affected apps or games might lose mouse input.The final tournament was hosted for the first time in Portugal, from 12 June to 4 July As in andthe final tournament was contested by 16 teams — the hosts plus the 15 teams that came through the qualification roundwhich began in September Latvia secured their first participation in a major tournament after overcoming Turkey in the play-offswhile Greece returned to the European Championship after 24 years.

The tournament was rich in surprises and upsets: GermanySpainand Italy were eliminated in the group stage, while defending champions France were knocked out in the quarter-finals by Greece. Portugal recovered from an opening defeat against Greece to reach the finaleliminating England and the Netherlands along the way. For the first time in a major European football tournament, the last match featured the same teams as the opening match.

During the opening ceremony, one of the tableaux depicted a ship — symbolising the voyages of the Portuguese explorers — sailing through a sea that transformed into the flags of all competing countries.

Group A opened with a shock as Greece, ranked outsiders from start, defeated the hosts 2—1. Giorgos Karagounis put the Greeks ahead after only seven minutes and Angelos Basinas made it 2—0 from the penalty spot on 51 minutes. A stoppage time goal by Cristiano Ronaldo proved no more than a consolation. Greece advanced to the quarter-finals as runners-up, ahead of Spain on goals scored.

France, the holders, scored twice in stoppage time to go from 1—0 down to beat England 2—1. Zinedine Zidane scored both goals; the second from the penalty spot. Only 18 at the time, Rooney's goal-scoring ability proved instrumental in victories over Switzerland 3—0 and Croatia 4—2.

Group C featured a three-way tie between Sweden, Denmark and Italy. All matches between the three sides had ended in draws and all three had beaten Bulgaria. The Czech Republic won Group D as the only team to win all three of their group matches. They defeated Latvia 2—1, [23] the Netherlands 3—2, [24] and Germany 2—1. In the first quarter-final between England and Portugal, the English opened the score after only two minutes through Michael Owen.

In the dying minutes, Owen hit the Portuguese crossbar and Sol Campbell headed in the rebound, but the goal was ruled out by referee Urs Meier for a foul on the Portuguese goalkeeper Ricardo. The sides exchanged goals in extra-time, sending the match to a penalty shoot-out. Portugal won 6—5, as Ricardo saved from Darius Vassell and then scored the winning goal himself.

Firm defensive play and an Angelos Charisteas goal on 65 minutes helped Greece defeat France 1—0 and progress to the semi-finals. Sweden and the Netherlands played out an exciting but goalless encounter, even after a dramatic period of extra-time in which Freddie Ljungberg hit the inside of the Dutch goalpost.

The Dutch progressed after winning the penalty shoot-out 5—4, their first ever victory on penalties in a major tournament. Portugal and the Netherlands faced each other in the first semi-final. Cristiano Ronaldo put the hosts in the lead from a corner kick midway through the first half, and just before the hour mark Maniche made it 2—0 with a spectacular goal from the corner of the penalty area.

An own goal from Jorge Andrade gave the Netherlands a glimmer of hope. The game ended 2—1 to Portugal and the hosts, [32] after their opening day failure, were through to the final of the European Championship for the first time. The Czech Republic looked likely candidates to face the hosts in the final. They were favourites to take the trophy, having won all four of their games. However, they would have to see off the upstart Greeks to do so.You should write at least words following the outline given in Chinese below: 1.

For questions ,complete the sentences with information given in the passage. Will We Run Out of Water? Then imagine dust storms sweeping up toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers from the dry seabed and spewing them across towns and villages. Seem like a scene from a movie about the end of the world? Thirty years ago, government planners diverted the rivers that flow into the sea in order to irrigate provide water for farmland. The seawater has tripled in salt content and become polluted, killing all 24 native species of fish.

Similar large--scale efforts to redirect water in other parts of the world have also ended in ecological crisis, according to numerous environmental groups. People in many parts of the world are desperate for water, and more people will need more water in the next century. Gleick, an environmental scientist at the Pacific Institute for studies in Development, Environment, and Security, a research organization in California. In fact, only a tiny percentage of freshwater is part of the water cycle, in which water evaporates and rises into the atmosphere, then condenses and falls back to Earth as precipitation rain or snow.

Some precipitation runs off land to lakes and oceans, and some becomes groundwater, water that seeps into the earth. Much of this renewable freshwater ends up in remote places like the Amazon river basin in Brazil, where few people live. And people use half of this amount already. But Americans could face serious water shortages, too especially in areas that rely on groundwater. For every liter of surface water, more than 90 liters are hidden underground. In northwest Texas, for example, overpumping has shrunk groundwater supplies by 25 percent, according to Postel.

Americans may face even more urgent problems from pollution. Drinking water in the United States is generally safe and meets high standards. Nevertheless, one in five Americans every day unknowingly drinks tap water contaminated with bacteria and chemical wastes, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. In developed countries, manufacturers usechemical compounds to make a wide range of products. Toxic chemicals pollute water when released untreated into rivers and lakes.

But almost everyone contributes to water pollution. Scientists studying water in the San Francisco Bay reported in that 70 percent of the pollutants could be traced to household waste. Farmers have been criticized for overusing herbicides and pesticides, chemicals that kill weeds and insects but insects but that pollute water as well. Nitrates are swept away by surface runoff to lakes and seas. Algae deprive the water of oxygen that fish need to survive, at times choking off life in an entire body of water.

Water expert Gleick advocates conservation and local solutions to water--related problems; governments, for instance, would be better off building small--scale dams rather than huge and disruptive projects like the one that ruined the Aral Sea.

That the huge water projects have diverted the rivers causes the Aral Sea to shrink. The construction of massive dams and irrigation projects does more good than harm. The chief causes of water shortage are population growth and water pollution. The problems Americans face concerning water are ground water shrinkage and tap water pollution.This update is not intended to target Enterprise devices. Specifically, this update targets devices that run Windows 10, version or later versions that are either Home Edition or Pro Edition.

This new version provides best in class compatibility with extensions and websites. Additionally, this new version provides great support for the latest rendering capabilities, modern web applications, and powerful developer tools across all supported OS platforms. This update includes the following quality improvements:. This update will be downloaded and installed automatically from Windows Update.

You must have one of the following updates or a later update installed to apply this update:. You do not have to restart your device to get this update. The English United States version of this software update installs files that have the attributes that are listed in the following tables. Skip to main content. Select Product Version.

All Products. Important This update is not intended to target Enterprise devices. Applies to. Improvements and fixes. This update includes the following quality improvements: Start menu pins, tiles, and shortcuts for the current version of Microsoft Edge will migrate to the new Microsoft Edge.

Taskbar pins and shortcuts for the current version of Microsoft Edge will migrate to the new Microsoft Edge. The new Microsoft Edge will be pinned to the taskbar. If the current version of Microsoft Edge is already pinned, it will be replaced. The new Microsoft Edge will add a shortcut to the desktop. If the current version of Microsoft Edge already has a shortcut, it will be replaced.

By default, most protocols that Microsoft Edge handles will be migrated to the new Microsoft Edge. This includes settings, applications, and any file or protocol support dialog boxes. Attempts to start the current version of Microsoft Edge will redirect to the new Microsoft Edge. Data from earlier versions of Microsoft Edge such as passwords, favorites, open tabs will be available in the new Microsoft Edge. Known issues in this update. We are currently not aware of any issues with this update.

How to get this update. Windows update This update will be downloaded and installed automatically from Windows Update. Prerequisites You must have one of the following updates or a later update installed to apply this update: For Windows 10, version and No additional updates are required.

Update for the new Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, version 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909, and 2004

File Information. Windows 10, version File verification. File hash information. For all supported xbased versions. For all supported ARM-based versions. Windows 10, version and File verification. Last Updated: Jun 17, Was this information helpful? Yes No. Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit.You can also comment on the articles you read on most websites. LinkedIn comes to mind immediately, but there are also other sites like Monster that are all about job listings without the social media aspect.

Examples of this include Elance, which is now Upwork. Contractors can bid on a wide variety of projects, and those who are looking for a contract can post their projects to collect bids from people all over the world. Facebook now has nearly 2 billion users, demonstrating just how widespread social media has become.

MySpace and others existed before Facebook, but they failed to adapt when competition arrived on the scene. And now social media has grown into messaging apps and photo-sharing sites like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and many others.

PayPal, online banking, crypto-currencies, and bill pay, and online trading and financial advice like robo-advisors all fulfill this prediction.

Online advertising has gotten so smart that privacy watchdog groups have called attention to it, resulting in more controls on Facebook, Google and other popular sites to enable users to decide how much of their information is shared with advertisers. Such sites use clicks, webs searches, purchase history and interests when selecting ads to display to users. But then again, perhaps he knew that one day, Microsoft would have to transform from a software business model into one focused on Internet services.

Expedia and other travel websites offer deals based on where the user has traveled before, while Ticketmaster and similar sites offer tickets to shows like those the user has been to previously. Microsoft Azure is one of a host of online and cloud-based project management tools that enable teams to work together on a project.

The first BlackBerry device was released in 1999, however, which may have provided some clues. This prediction has Siri, Google Now and Amazon Alexa written all over it, and these digital assistants are only going to grow in their capabilities.

The Nest thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature inside your home, and a host of products can automatically adjust things in your home, like the Koogeek Smart Socket. There are also many products that offer online monitoring for your home. Indeed, nearly everything can be connected to the Internet these days, and Apple is even getting in on the action here with its HomeKit SDK for iOS.

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Mathematical Football Predictions 24predict. Their predictions for selected football games today and tomorrow (the next 24 hours) are based on the Wisdom of the Crowd. Try their free soccer predictions today. Betegy has been featured on CNN Money, the Wall Street Journal, Sport1, and their data is regularly used by ESPN and Ringier Axel Springer.

The Betegy GoPro membership comes in 2 different packages at the moment: 3 months and 12 months. Long story short: this prediction site is definitely worth the couple of bucks per month.

學 - 繁體字怎麼寫

Probably one of the best sites, backed up by full-time tipsters and football betting experts. Bets For Today has a lot to offer. Football, greyhound and horse betting, occasional free systems, betting exchange trading tips and advice. There is no recurring obligation, you can cancel your membership anytime. Match Plug offers premium tipster packages for football, tennis, NHL, NBA, NFL. Listed tipsters are verified by the team of VerifiedBets. Trial for all betting tips packages for 5 euros per month.

Paid pick are available 2 hours before match start.Get started About the Author Kali Hawlk is a writer passionate about using her skills and knowledge to help others make, do, and create more. Get started Shopify is everything you need to sell anywhere Start your free 14-day trial today. This provides a way for your customers to engage with you, as well as each other to encourage sales.

View the Official DocumentationFeatures: Theme-friendly design: Reviews automatically match your store's look and feel Easy customization: Edit layout options, text and colours without needing to code Bulk actions: Publish, hide, filter, and manage reviews quickly and easily CSV import and Export: Import and export your reviews as a spreadsheet SEO-friendly review scores: Add review scores to your Google search results.

The only thing I would say. I'm not sure if that's something they can easily code into their app as I had to play around with putting the code in the right spot. The most amazing thing about this app is when you look on google. This app is a must. Has proven to be so valuable. Online shoppers value peer reviews immensely. It's incredibly useful to have it on the product page so customers can see what other purchasers think of products and not be directed away from your shop. Working so well in my theme.

DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE. This file is auto-generated by the shopify-assets gem and will be overwritten regularily. Become a Shopify partner or submit your app.

View the Official Documentation Features: Theme-friendly design: Reviews automatically match your store's look and feel Easy customization: Edit layout options, text and colours without needing to code Bulk actions: Publish, hide, filter, and manage reviews quickly and easily CSV import and Export: Import and export your reviews as a spreadsheet SEO-friendly review scores: Add review scores to your Google search results. Check it out in action here!. Definitely, it's a must-have app. Customer reviews are a powerful thing.

Asking for a review in person can be intimidating but it is often the most effective approach, so if the opportunity presents itself, seize it. The easiest scenario would be that of a customer who approaches you with unsolicited praise.


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